I have been taking photographs since the age of eight when my parents gave me a Kodak Box Brownie. There followed a swift learning of how to process prints in the bathroom that eventually was transformed into a love of darkroom work later in life. During my professional travels as an academic lecturer and scientist, I was fortunate in that it gave me time to explore many places around the world, often in company with equally enthusiastic students who also enjoyed photography.

My interests are urban and documentary photography, with the (very) occasional indulgence in landscape and architecture work. My photography is driven by themed projects, progressed with a book being the principal output for each. Increasingly my work is in monochrome as I find my emotions are best able to be expressed in black and white.

For many years I was a darkroom worker and a member of the Advanced Photography Studies Group at Missenden Abbey, Buckinghamshire. Although I have long since embraced digital photography, I still occasionally expose a roll of film to remind me of my photographic roots.

For many years (in fact well over 30!) I was part of the photographic studies group led by Brian Nevitt at Missenden Abbey in Buckinghamshire. Under Brian’s tutelage I attempted to master a wide variety of darkroom techniques, from platinum printing, through toning and image transfer, to the handling large format negatives.

I now almost exclusively use Leica cameras and lenses. Not only is the quality of Leica lenses second to none, but the cameras are also simple to use, with an absence of confusing menus and thousands of different options to get in the way of picture taking. Almost all photographs illustrated in the Portfolios were taken using either a 35mm or 50mm prime lens.


Advanced Studies Group, Missenden Abbey (Highest Distinction)
Business Traveller Magazine travel photography winner
Royal Photographic Society Associateship in Travel Photography


Chinese University School of Public Health, 'Looking East', 2006 (solo)
Arts 3, Royal Veterinary College, London, 2008 (joint)
Horsebridge Gallery, Whitstable, Kent, 'Journey', 2017 (joint)
Sawyer Gallery, Inverewe Gardens, Wester Ross, 2017 (joint)
Die Koffie Pot Gallery, Hereford, 'Passing By', 2018 (Solo)
The Photospace, 'Ludlow Seven', Ludlow, 2018 (joint)
Horse bridge Gallery, Whitstable, Kent, 'Disclosure', 2018